Bring on the ballot

*** Please note the ballot entry has been delayed ***

More information here: http://www.sodburyslog.co.uk/entry-ballot-update/

Bring on the ballot

Following the continual rise of interest in the Sodbury Slog and the speed with which race entries have sold out over recent years, we have decided this year – after much deliberation – to move to a ballot entry system.

Whenever demand for entries outstrips the capacity of an event there will always be winners and losers no matter how you manage them, but we believe that moving to a ballot system is the only fair way to ensure everyone gets an equal chance of being able to run the Sodbury Slog.

The ballot will open on Wednesday 1st April for a period of two weeks to allow interested runners to register for a place. No payment will be taken at this point. The ballot will close at midnight on Wednesday 15th April.

1000 entrants will then be randomly selected and contacted (via email only) on Friday 1st May and invited to complete their registration and pay the entry fee. This invitation will only remain valid for seven days. After this time the invitation will expire and the entrant will lose their right to a place. The place will then be offered to the next randomly selected entrant. This process will continue until all places are taken up. There will be no separate waiting list.

As in previous years the race capacity will remain at 1300 runners. Basic maths will tell you that 300 places are therefore allocated outside of this ballot system. These places are allocated to our charity partners, our sponsors, and a number of local clubs. Both our charity partners, Jessie May and Cystic Fibrosis Trust, have a number of guaranteed entries for this year. For details on running for one of these great causes, please check out our charity entry place information.

As in previous years race number transfers will be available online up until four weeks before the event. Runners should only register once for the ballot and any suspected duplicate entries will be removed. Mass abuse of the ballot will result in elimination from the ballot. As per our terms and conditions, no refunds will be given.

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