2021 Entry Update

2021 Entry UpdateFollowing on from our previous announcement proclaiming the return of the mud for 2021, we would just like to update you further on our current thinking around opening entries for this year’s event.

Despite the easing of the national lockdown on 17th May and the continued success of the vaccine rollout, after reviewing the situation further we have concluded it is still too early to open entries on 1st June as previously mentioned.

While the current trends of improvement are promising, there are still too many uncertainties for us to feel comfortable with taking entrant’s money at this time. This however is not bad news, as thanks to our planning earlier in the year and changes we have already implemented we now have a longer window of time to allow us to make this decision and still enable us to open entries in time for the event as usual.

We will continue to monitor the ongoing situation, particularly around the planned lockdown restrictions lifting totally on 21st June, and make a further statement regarding entries at the end of June.

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